Newport Beach International Film Festival 2011

“The Man With The Spying Glass” my short film has been Officially Selected to Newport Beach International Film Festival.

‘The Man With The Spying Glass’ is part of ‘Short Dreams &  Dreamers’ and is showing together with seven other shorts on Saturday, 4/30/2011 starting at 8:30 PM at  Triangle Square 2 – 147.

‘Short Dreams&  Dreamers’.
1 – ‘The Man With The Spying Glass’
2 – ‘The Lift’
3 – ‘The Man Who Knew How To Fly’
4 – ‘Flesh Color’
5 – ‘Dissection Of A Storm’
6 – ‘Stanley Pickle’
7 – ‘Change Over’
8 – ‘Fatum!’

After the screening there will be Q&A with the filmmakers, which I’m attending. I hope to see you in California in April.

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