New Crew Member

I’m happy to announce that “Two People” has a new crew member Chandan Prithiani who is joining our team as a Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD).

Chandan Prithiani raised in New York city and born in Mumbai, Chandan brings with him a rich multicultural background and an amazing personality. A newcomer to the industry, Chandan has quickly showed great potential in the projects he has worked on. Chandan has completed 3 short films and 3 features as an actor and also participated behind the scenes for promotional activities. When we asked whether he prefers Mumbai or NYC, he jokingly responded “You know, I realized you can love two places at the same time and neither one gets jealous or calls you a cheater.” Chandan is also a Business/IT professional by training. He is currently finishing up his Masters in Strategy and Leadership at NYU. “Acting is my passion, selling it is a requirement.”

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